An Excellent Fat Find

Eventually, I would like to get to a stable enough place that I can consistently be pumping out a post a week. This blog has been slow to get started, but hopefully it’ll be getting there soon.

For now, I have emerged from my cave of excruciating writer’s block to tell you guys about something that has quite possibly made my entire summer: Cake-Plus Size Resale.

Behold, the glorious storefront:

Cake Storefront[Image is a picture of a store front. The name of the store, Cake, is in large lettering on the door, and there two signs in the right hand window. One of the signs is the transgender symbol inside a white heart over a rainbow background, and other is a Black Lives Matter sign.]

Guys. GUYS. This adorable gift of a shop has clothing that is exclusively size XL and up.

Through a happy facebooking rabbit hole this morning, I was informed of the existence of Cake. Having the day off, I hopped over to Minneapolis, arrived a little early, and took the above pic while I was waiting for them to open. The signs in the window gave me hope that I might fall in love with this place, but I wanted to wait until it opened to really check it out before I made any emotional commitments.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that I really was in love. The clothing isn’t organized by gender, only by size. Janelle Monáe was playing and the wonderful sales person was singing along. Also, I found these posted in the dressing room:

Signs [Image is a photo of two flyers on a dressing room wall. The first is an illustration of two people, one with purple hair and lighter skin, wearing a green shirt and jeans, and one with blue hair and dark skin, wearing a floral dress with visible body hair. The purple-haired person is congratulating the blue-haired person on their apparent weight loss. The blue-haired person is visibly uncomfortable, and next to them there is a list of potential negative reasons for the weight lose, i.e. a recurrence of an eating disorder, inability to afford groceries, depression, stress, etc. The bottom of the flyer reads, “My body is my own, shut up!” The second flyer has white lettering on a black background and reads, “This is a body positive space. No diet talk. No body shaming.”]

I remember the first time I walked into a Lane Bryant. Missoula had just opened one, I believe, and according to my research it is still one of only two in the state (the other is in Billings). Up until then, shopping had been an experience of resolutely ignoring most of the stores in any given place, and then resolutely ignoring the majority of the clothes in any given store, and then taking your pick of whatever was left over that might fit. That means that, even in bigger chain stores like Target, my selection was painfully limited.

In Lane Bryant, almost every single thing was my size or too big. I had found a place where I wasn’t constantly waiting to be reminded that I didn’t belong. It was such an incredible feeling that, although most of the clothes weren’t really my style, I wanted to buy everything in that store.

Here’s the catch, though– unless you’re extremely savvy about sales and coupons and other deals, LB can be prohibitively expensive. I think all I ended up buying from them for the rest of my time in Missoula was one tank top and one bra, and I didn’t pay full price for either.

Cake? Not prohibitively expensive. They are serious about filling the need for plus-size thrifting. Though not as cheap as, say, Goodwill, they’re very reasonably priced. Most of the shirts and shorts I picked up were between $10 and $16 dollars. Before this, with the exception of some Goodwills I have been to since moving to the Twin Cities, my thrift store shopping was limited to accessories, books, and funky mugs.

Well, no more of that. Ever wondered what Buffalo Exchange would be like if it were plus-sized and had a fat positive politic? Wonder no longer. Don’t just take my word for it, though– check out their social media below:

Cake’s Facebook

Cake’s Instagram

Cake’s Twitter

P.S. It occurs to me as I’m finishing up that this post sounds very pushy in a promote-y type way, and I guess I might want to mention that I’m literally just gushing because I am so stoked to have found this store, not because I’m being paid/coerced/bribed with actual chocolate cake to write this. Nothing but pure fat love here.